Redispersible Latex Powder RDP for Construction Mortar

Redispersible Latex Powder RDP for Construction Mortar

Product Description

Redispersible Latex Powder RDP for Construction Mortar



(1) External wall insulation system:

A. Binding mortar: ensure that the mortar will be firmly bonded to the wall and EPS board. Improve bond strength.

B. Plastering mortar: to ensure the mechanical strength, cracking resistance, and durability of the thermal insulation system, impact resistance.

(2) tile binder and joint filler:

A. Tile binder: provides high strength bonding for mortar, giving mortar enough flexibility to strain different thermal expansion coefficients of base and tile.

B. Joint filling agent: make mortar impermeability, prevent the invasion of water. At the same time with the ceramic tile edge has good adhesion and low shrinkage rate, flexibility.

(3) ceramic tile renovation and wood planking putty: improve the adhesion and bonding strength of putty on the special substrate (such as ceramic tile surface, Mosaic, plywood, and another smooth surface), to ensure that putty has good flexibility to strain the expansion coefficient of a substrate.

(4) inner and outer wall putty: improve the bonding strength of putty, ensure that putty has a certain flexibility to buffer different base layers to produce different expansion stress. Ensure that putty has good aging resistance and impermeability, moistureproof.

(5) interface mortar: improve the surface strength of the substrate, ensure the adhesive force of mortar.

(6) cement-based waterproof mortar: to ensure the waterproof performance of mortar coating, and the base surface has good adhesion, improve the compressive and flexural strength of mortar.

(7) repair mortar: ensure that the expansion coefficient of mortar and the substrate match, reduce the elastic modulus of mortar. Ensure that the mortar has sufficient hydrophobicity, air permeability, and adhesion.

(8) masonry plastering mortar: improve water retention. Reduce water loss to porous substrates. Improve construction operation simplicity, improve work efficiency.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Redispersible Latex Powder RDP for Construction Mortar

Redispersible Polymer Powder VAE/RDP Copolym Powder
Appearancewhite powder, free-flowing
Solid content≥98.0%
Ash content (1000)12%±2
Bulk density400−550 g/l
Average particle size~80 μm
PH value5.0-8.0
TG(Glass Transition Temperature)16℃

Packaging and Storage

A. Standard Packing: In 25kg paper bags inner with PE bags

B. Big Bag or other special packages are possible on request.

Store it in a cool, dry place below 30°C and protected against humidity and pressing.

Redispersible Latex Powder RDP for Construction Mortar

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