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What Should I Do if the Putty Layer is Cracked?

Feb. 20, 2021

What Should I Do if the Putty Layer is Cracked?

1. What is putty cracking?

Cracks appeared in the putty layer after batch scraping was completed. According to different situations, the cracking time is not the same. If the subsequent painting is not found, the final wall effect may be unqualified.

2. Why does it crack?

There are many reasons for the cracking of the putty layer, which can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the problem of putty products; the other is due to the problem of construction technology.

In general, the high-quality water-resistant putty has more stable performance and is less prone to cracking. However, if the quality of the putty is not good enough, it is usually more prone to powder and peeling rather than cracking.

For environments with dry and wet changes or large temperature differences, it is necessary to select the corresponding interface agent for treatment before batch scraping, otherwise, shrinkage cracks and temperature cracks are prone to appear.

During construction, if the base layer or the previous layer of putty is not dry, scraping the next layer will also cause cracking.

The thickness of the scraping putty should not exceed 2 mm, otherwise, it may be too thick and cause cracking.

3. How to solve?

(1). If it is a small crack, you can polish the wall and then scrape the putty. Pay attention to control the thickness.

(2). If the degree of cracking is too great, the putty can only be scraped again after removing it.

(3). Relevant products can be used for repair.

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