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Tile Adhesive or Cement Mortar? Which Is the Better Choice?

Jan. 06, 2022

Today LISTAL will help you to analyze the knowledge of "tile" in depth. Which method can make the tiles stick more firmly? How to use "tile adhesive"? This article is expected to solve your concerns, please read on.

The Difference

First, let's learn more about these two materials. I believe that many people do not know the difference between them.

Cement mortar: one of our common decorative and construction materials. It is cheap and used in places like building walls and tile bricks. However, the thickness of paving is large, the paste is not strong, too much material is used and it is easy to be hollow. These disadvantages made cement mortar begin to decline in status.

Tile adhesive: a new production of tile paving auxiliary materials. Its main features are high adhesive strength, water resistance, aging resistance, good flexibility, paving effect is thinner, better performance than cement mortar. Save space and construction is more convenient. But the cost is higher than cement.



In the actual construction process, which is stronger, tile adhesive or cement mortar?


Cement mortar vs. tile adhesive powder: Cement mortar and tile adhesive are similar in shape and color, tile adhesive is slightly thicker and does not have a pungent smell. 


Tile adhesive and cement mortar are proportioned separately, water is added and mixed into a slurry. Tile adhesive is smooth and milky white, with high viscosity and slow flow; cement slurry has lumps and particles and breaks up quickly.

Construction effect

Cement mortar construction: for the traditional cement mortar tiling, construction steps are complicated, including wetting the wall, foam tiles, support and other steps. Not only is the construction efficiency is relatively low, and the bonding effect is not good, and will soon appear tile bulging, shedding phenomenon.

Tile adhesive construction: you can save the steps of wetting the wall, dipping tiles, etc., and because it is grouted, there will be no hollow drums and shedding. Of course, the pasted tiles are more beautiful and stronger.


Pasting effect

When the wall tiles are opened, the cement pavement is uneven, the surface has air holes, and the tiles are easily stuck, bulging and falling off; tile adhesive is evenly distributed and has a high rate of full grout, so it is not easy to have bulging and falling off.

Tile adhesive can be said to be an upgraded product of cement mortar. The composition of tile adhesive is relatively simple, only need to add water on site and mix well to use. The thickness of tile adhesive is about one-fifth of the thickness of cement mortar. The thickness of cement mortar is usually around 20-30mm, and the thickness of tile adhesive is usually between 1.5-5mm. Tile adhesive is much more resistant.

Whichever product you need, LISTAL can provide you with the right solution. Please send us a message to get a quote.

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