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Rdp Tile Adhesive Are Widely Used

Jul. 16, 2021

You must know about cement. It is a material that we must use when we build a house. Cement is a powder that, when mixed with water, becomes extremely strong and can hold two bricks together. Finally, a wall was built. After that, it's time to decorate the interior. If you want to make a gray room look good, you need to stick tiles, and what makes tiles and the wall together is tile adhesive.    


What are its characteristics

Rdp tile adhesive is a kind of commonly used ceramic tile paste auxiliary material, it has similar function with cement, but more advantages than cement, and can be widely used in the interior and exterior wall, the ground, the bathroom, the kitchen and other places.

RDP powder

Advanced technology

Rdp tile adhesive is better than cement. Mixing the prepared adhesive with water and making it into a gelatinous adhesive, it can use a sawtooth trowel to scrape and paint a stationing layer with uniform thickness.

Save the amount of material

Even if the adhesive layer is only 1.5mm thick, it can also produce enough bonding force. So it can greatly reduce the use of materials and reduce costs.

Ensure the quality of the project

The cohesive force of rdp tile adhesive is strong, it can reduce spalling and avoid the craze after long-term use. And part of the material is waterproof to prevent deformation.

Conducive to environmental protection

Rdp tile adhesive can reduce waste, environmental protection without adding toxic substances, stick the effect is very strong, in line with environmental protection requirements.

We all hope the houses we live can be neat and clean. Then the decorations inside really matter. To keep your wall bright and easy to clean, you need to choose a strong tile adhesive besides beautiful tiles. Stop waiting and come to Listal, we have what you want.

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